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Building synergy and coherence in the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action in the context of the 2030 Development Agenda

UNU-WIDER's Director Finn Tarp will participate as a panelist in an one-day special thematic event titled 'Building synergy and coherence in the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action in the context of the 2030 Development Agenda' at the...

11 February 2016
Trusteeship Council Chamber, United Nations Headquarters, 760 United Nations Plaza, New York, United States
Past event
Diversity debit vs. diversity dividend: Challenging the conventional wisdom

It is widely accepted in recent work in economics and political science that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on the provision of public goods such as health and education...

Education Health Public goods
Three types of interventions that can improve the quality of education in developing countries

In a recent article in the International Journal of Educational Development we present the results of a systematic review conducted to identify policy interventions that improve education quality and student learning in developing countries...

Economic development Education
Journal Article
Does foreign aid harm political institutions?

The notion that foreign aid harms the institutions of recipient governments remains prevalent. We combine new disaggregated aid data and various metrics of political institutions to re-examine this relationship...

Economic assistance and foreign aid
Development finance
ReCom - research and communication on foreign aid

Foreign aid is a complex and multi-faceted issue, involving many countries, institutions, and people—researchers, aid officials, policy makers, NGOs and civil society. To better understand and improve its effectiveness requires a multi-...

Foreign aid Official development assistance (ODA) Development finance
Photo: UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran
Working Paper
Reforming the global monetary non-system

This paper proposes a comprehensive yet evolutionary reform of the global monetary non-system that evolved out of the breakdown of the original Bretton Woods arrangement in the early 1970s...

Balance of payments Economic integration
Working Paper
Demographic, employment, and wage trends in South Africa

This paper looks to uncover the growth traps and opportunities for the South African economy, with a focus on underlying labour market dynamics. We explore the potential of South Africa’s demographic dividend...

Aeronautics, Commercial Economic growth Labor demand
Working Paper
Tax-benefit microsimulation modelling in Tanzania: A feasibility study

This paper presents the findings from a feasibility study on the potential for developing a static tax-benefit microsimulation model for Tanzania...

Income tax Taxation
Working Paper
Role of economists in policy-making

This paper reviews the many areas in which economists play an important role in policy-making, including the quantification of objectives set by political processes, formulation of macroeconomic policy where economists have a dominating role, and als...

Economists Macroeconomics
Request for research proposals
Group-based inequalities: patterns and trends within and across countries

Submissions now closed.

Closing date: 1 February 2016
Professor Ravi Kanbur is the new Chair of the WIDER Board
Call for papers
WIDER Development Conference – Human capital and growth

Submissions now closed.

Closing date: 28 January 2016
Request for research proposals
Micro, small, and medium enterprises in Vietnam

Submissions now closed.

Closing date: 28 January 2016
Climate change
DUCC - development under climate change

Climate change is likely to remain a serious issue for decades to come if not indefinitely. One of the key tasks for assisting policy makers in developing countries address the uncertainties of climate change is translating scientific and...

Climate change Development Climate uncertainty
An aerial view shot from over the Indian Ocean of the southern Somali port city of Kismayo. © UN Photo/Stuart Price
Working Paper
Climate change and developing country interests: Cases from the Zambezi River Basin

We consider the interplay of climate change impacts, global mitigation policies, and the interests of developing countries to 2050...

Journal Special Issue
Prospects for Renewable Energy in Africa

This special section contains a series of five articles focused on energy and climate change in sub-Saharan Africa. It is well known that energy demand in sub-Saharan Africa is increasing rapidly and that many countries struggle to meet demand...

Climatic changes Renewable energy sources
Climate Change – The last 30 years and the next 30

With COP21 currently taking place in Paris, the thoughts of UNU-WIDER Research Fellow Channing Arndt on the past and future of the climate change research and policy are particularly relevant. Our climate is changing - but how much?...

Climatic changes Renewable energy sources
Africa's energy futures Energy infrastructure Renewable energy Power systems
WIID - world income inequality database

WIID , the World Income Inequality Database, collects and stores information on income inequality for developed, developing, and transition countries. The WIID provides the most comprehensive set of income inequality statistics available and can be...

Research Brief
Aid and Economic Growth: The Case of Sierra Leone

Phillip Michael Kargbo's UNU-WIDER working paper, 'Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Sierra Leone: Empirical Analysis' examines the impact of foreign aid on growth in Sierra Leone using a variety of econometric approaches...

Econometric models (Macroeconomics) Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Research Brief
How to Spend It?

A donor dilemma: aid effectiveness in fragile states. Donors are often faced with the dilemma that those countries most in need of aid are often those least likely to spend it effectively...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Expenditures, Public Public welfare
Research Brief
Taxation, Public Expenditure and Aid Effectiveness

In a recent UNU-WIDER working paper 'Fiscal composition and aid effectiveness: A political-economy model' Paul Mosley examines the claim that aid would have, in the long term, a negative impact on productivity and stability of expenditure in ...

Econometric models Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy
Journal Article
Aid and Government Fiscal Behavior: Assessing Recent Evidence

This paper reviews evidence published in the last 10 years that has added to our understanding of the effects of aid on government spending and tax effort in recipient countries, with a discussion of when (general) budget support is a fiscally effici...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Government spending policy
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