Frequently asked questions

Vendor Registration

What is the purpose of the Vendor Form?
The Vendor Form serves to collect requisite information required for the creation of a Vendor ID to facilitate initial contract information and for payments for services.

Do you need home or affiliation address?
The Vendor should fill the same address to which a Contract or Agreement between the UNU and the Vendor will be sent.

When does the Vendor Form need to be resubmitted/updated?
An updated form needs to be submitted when any of the details in an earlier submitted vendor form change, or when the previous form has expired. Changes may include changes in the bank account connection itself but also name changes due to change in marital status, change of address as well as change of e-mail address. So, any change in the vendor’s detail lead to a new submission of the vendor form.

My account name is in non-Roman alphabet.
If the account holder’s name is in other than Roman alphabet please indicate and follow by an English equivalent in brackets.

What is Bank identification (ID)?
A bank identification ID is a bank code assigned by a central bank to all bank branches. Please enquire with your bank, we require this for all fund transfers.

What is a Routing Code, SWIFT Code?
As an example, for accounts in the US, we prefer ACH/electronic payment. The routing number and bank account are essential details to facilitate payment processing. We also prefer a SWIFT code to execute payments. Vendors are expected to contact their respective banker to confirm the requisite bank information.

I don’t have a bank account.
We still need a vendor form filled in for Section 1. In the case of payment by other than account, please fill in Section 2 ‘Special Instructions’ section only. For example: ‘Payment in cash, no bank information is required’.

Is Intermediary/Correspondent Bank necessary?
Section 3 ‘Banking information for intermediary/Correspondent Bank (as applicable)’ is not necessary to fill in unless you are certain your account has information pertaining to one.

Does the vendor form need to be signed?
Signature of Payee is mandatory. For individuals, the Payee/Beneficiary signs off. For Companies/Institutes/Organizations, the authorized personnel should sign off and affix the company’s official stamp. If the Company does not have a company stamp, they should indicate the name of the person who signed the Vendor Form and his/her designated title in the Company. This person should be an authorized official of the Company.


How can I apply for a contract?
UNU-WIDER only accepts applications to advertised opportunities.

I am a United Nations staff member. Can I enter a Consultant Contract with UNU-WIDER?
No fee can be provided to regular full-time staff of UN agencies, the World Bank and IMF without prior agreement by the respective organization. However, in lieu of the Consultant Contract, the Director of UNU-WIDER may establish a ’Letter of Agreement’ for the contribution (which is expected to be published under UNU-WIDER copyright) and possible participation in project meetings.

I am a former/retired United Nations staff member. Can I accept a Consultant Contract?
A former or retired staff member may be engaged on an individual contract subject to certain provisions, which should be cleared with the Contracts Team before entering a contract.

I intend to apply for a United Nations position soon. Are there restrictions on reemployment as a staff member?
Yes, there are restrictions for consultants and individual contractors to be eligible to apply for or be appointed to certain UN posts within six months of the end their current or most recent service. The Contracts Team can provide more details if necessary.

What is the contract issuance procedure like?
Once the vendor’s details are registered in the financial system, the contract will be issued with the agreed Terms of Reference. The work should not be undertaken before the contract is signed. The contract will be emailed to the contract holder, who will be requested to return both a scanned copy of the signed contract, and the original by mail. UNU-WIDER is not able to make payments under unsigned contracts.

I am not able to submit my paper by the contracted deadline. Can I apply for an extension?
The due dates for deliverables are subject to the project’s needs.  Extensions can be approved by UNU-WIDER in exceptional cases.

Do I need to pay income tax from my fee?
The total remuneration paid to individuals are specified in gross terms. Contractors are subject to the national or local income tax laws of their country of residence and/or nationality and it is the sole responsibility of the contractor to enquire after the United Nations fee taxation legislation from the authorities in their respective country. UNU-WIDER is not responsible for payment of tax on earnings or other taxes due on the remuneration of contracts, nor is UNU-WIDER responsible for reimbursement of taxes paid by contractors in respect of earnings received. In certain cases, national governments exempt UNU contractors from payment of taxes. Such exemption is solely within the purview of the national government and cannot be based on representations by UNU that contractors are exempt.

The diplomatic status of UNU-WIDER is established in the Law Collection of Finland (FINLEX 452/84, art. VIII). In Finland, Article XIII of the Host-Country Agreement (FINLEX 36/84) stipulates that all UNU-WIDER personnel are exempt from taxation on the salaries and emoluments paid to them by the Institute while working in Finland.

I need an income statement for my tax return. Can you supply me with one?
UNU does not make payroll deductions for the purpose of remitting monies to the national tax authorities, nor is it required to report the earnings of contractors to the tax authorities. No statement of earnings will be issued by the United Nations University to the contractor. If necessary, the contract can serve as supporting document.


Will UNU-WIDER publish my research work?
UNU-WIDER only publishes research which has been formally commissioned by the institute as part of its mandated research programme.

How can I find UNU-WIDER publications?
UNU-WIDER publications are easily found on the publications page on the institute’s website. The search function is easy to navigate, and caters for more advanced searching across specific time ranges, topics, types of publication, etc. In addition, many major university and central libraries hold print copies of UNU-WIDER books, and some more recent UNU-WIDER books are freely available on open access (easily searchable on the publications page).

Are UNU-WIDER publications peer reviewed?
Entire UNU-WIDER books and journal articles/special issues are (primarily double-blind) peer reviewed by external experts within a given area of expertise. While WIDER working papers are not externally peer reviewed, they are reviewed in-house by a researcher/project focal point to ensure academic publishing standards are maintained.

Where can I find guidelines for preparing studies for UNU-WIDER?
Please adopt these rules when preparing your study for UNU-WIDER. This will considerably reduce the time required to finalize the studies for eventual publication.

I would like to add a non-remunerated co-author to my paper. How can I do that?
UNU-WIDER’s prior consent and a copyright release statement (see under “Copyright”) are required before a co-author can be added.

I think my contract for writing a research paper is completed after final payment?
While payment of the fee will be made upon delivery of all agreed outputs, the final version of the publication may not be complete at that point. After payment has been made, researchers may be asked to:

  1. Respond to reasonable requests by the publisher and editors with respect to finalization of the publication. 
  2. Participate in a knowledge-sharing event.