Thursday 5 October

Keynote 1
Ingrid Palmary Global and local influences on the South African anti-trafficking legislation   Slides
1.1 Conflict, forced migration, and international policy
Shawn Teresa Flanigan Aiding refugees during South-South migration: examining Syrian diaspora assistance to Syrian forced migrants Paper Slides
Ferruccio Pastore Migration and the risks of negative extraversion Paper Slides
Nicholas Van Hear Imagining refugia Abstract Slides
1.2 Health and education
James Loon Tuck Ng Labour migration in Indonesia and the health of children left behind Paper Slides
Marta Bengoa-Calvo The effect of Hukou registration system on rural-to-urban migrant's health Paper Slides
Maryam Naghsh Nejad The human capital effects of hosting refugees: evidence from Kagera Paper Slides
Nigussie Abadi Mistru The impact of remittances on household food security: a micro perspective from Tigray, Ethiopia Paper Slides
1.3. Social cohesion
Astghik Mavisakalyan Forced migration and preferences for refugee assistance in developing countries: the role of perceived disadvantage and integration Paper ​ Slides
Cecilia Navarra Social networks and labour market outcomes among Senegalese migrants in Europe and Africa Paper ​ Slides
Raul Alberto Jimenez Mori Eliciting individual preferences for immigrants in the Dominican Republic Paper ​ Slides
Shuxi Yin Network, mobility, and integration: undocumented African migrants in Guangzhou, China    
1.4 Migration within Africa: defining the governance challenge (organized panel)
Eva Dick Analytical framework for regional migration governance in Africa: key features, patterns and impacts in the ECOWAS and IGAD regions Paper ​ Slides
Stephen Adaawen Challenges to regional migration and economic integration in West Africa: the case of Ghana and Nigeria Paper ​ Slides
Papa Sow Marriage migrations and distributive justice of morals and resources in north-western Benin Abstract ​ Slides
2.1 Migration, policy, and governance I
Sofiane Bouhdiba The pension of the returning retired migrant in the Maghreb: a development factor? Paper ​Slides
Yuko Hamada South-to-South Migration in Asia: opportunities, challenges and policy implications Paper ​Slides
Zaw Oo Migration in Mon State: opportunities and challenges for rural development in Myanmar   ​Slides
2.2 Immigrant integration, transnationalism, and societal relations among sub-Saharan African immigrants (organized panel)
Geraldine Adiku ‘The saga of the returnee’: return and reintegration experiences of Ghanaian migrants from Libya Abstract  
Mary Setrana and Justice Kyei Internal displacement and cross-border movement of Nigerian nationals Paper ​Slides
Jane Njeri Mwangi Do sub-Saharan Africa immigrants transfer social capital acquired in the host country to their forebearers? Paper ​Slides
2.3 Gender
Julie Litchfield Migrant remittances and gender in Zimbabwe Paper ​Slides
Anda David Leaving work behind? The impact of emigration on female labour force participation in Morocco Paper ​Slides
Vusilizwe Thebe Migration of men and changes in women’s decision-making roles in former migrant labour societies Paper ​Slides
2.4 Impacts of displacement on host communities in Rwanda and Tanzania (in collaboration with UNU Migration Network)
Veronika Fajth Is local social cohesion influenced by hosting refugees? The case of Congolese refugees in Rwanda Paper Slides
Craig Loschmann How do host communities adjust labor market activity due to the presence of refugees? Paper Slides
Isabel Ruiz The impact of hosting refugees on the intra-household allocation of tasks Paper Slides
Melissa Siegel Exploring the effects of refugees on social infrastructure change in Rwanda   Slides
3.1 Environment and natural resources I
Gordon Crawford South-South labour migration and the impact of the informal China-Ghana gold rush 2008-13   Slides
Glenn Sheriff Labor response to climate variation in East Africa Paper Slides
Linguère Mously Mbaye Natural disasters and poverty reduction: do remittances matter? Paper Slides
3.2 Remittances and families left behind
Gift Dafuleya Migration, income pooling and food deprivation Paper Slides
Louis Boakye-Yiadom Remittance receipts by Ghana's households: understanding their distribution and the impact on investment in basic education Paper Slides
Eva-Maria Egger Migration experience, the migration decision and its impact on household welfare: new evidence from rural Ghana Paper Slides
Katharine Hall Fragmenting the family? The complexity of household migration strategies in post-apartheid South Africa. Paper Slides
3.3 Macro and trade
Dramane Coulibaly Growth-enhancing effect of openness to trade and migrations: what is the effective transmission channel for Africa? Paper Slides
Mauro Lanati The impact of foreign aid on migration revisited Paper Slides
Collin Constantine Remittances, labour supply and the functional income distribution Paper Slides
3.4 Determinants of migration
Anne Marie Duplantier The internal migration decisions of youth in Ghana Paper Slides
Tobias Stoehr Searching for a better life: now-casting international migration with online search keywords Paper Slides
Michael Smith Food insecurity, gender, and international migration intentions Paper  
Dennis Wesselbaum Gone with the wind: international migration Paper Slides
Friday 6 October

Keynote 2
Hillel Rapoport Diaspora externalities: a view from the south   Slides
4.1 Understanding the root causes of migration (in partnership with FAO)
Jakob Skoet Rural migration, agriculture and rural development – the linkages and trends in rural migration   Slides
Eva-Maria Egger Migration, demography and agri-food systems: threats and opportunities Paper Slides
4.2 Remittances
Ameth Saloum Ndiaye Migration and remittances in Senegal: effects on labor supply and human capital of household members left behind Paper Slides
George Agwu Do remittances improve income inequality? An instrumental variable quantile analysis of the Senegalese case Paper Slides
Miguel Niño-Zarazúa Social service delivery and access to financial innovation Paper Slides
4.3. Migration policy and governance II
Diego Acosta Regional free movement of people in South America: a model from Africa and the rest of the world? Abstract Slides
Linda A. Oucho Challenges and solutions to migrant integration, diversity and social cohesion in Africa Paper Slides
Nisha Bellinger Human security and forced migration in Africa   Slides
5.1 Migration and rural-urban development (panel in collaboration with FAO)
Andrea Cattaneo Rural-urban synergies in development and propensity to migrate   Slides
Alan de Brauw Effects of migration on rural livelihoods   Slides
5.2 Labour
Vladimir Hlasny Migration and social mobility in MENA: evidence from labor market panel surveys Paper Slides
Andres Cuadros Informality, remittances, and youth workers   Slides
Anusa Daimon Settling in motion: Malawian clandestine migration into South Africa: 1920s–1950s Paper  
5.3 Environment and natural resources II
Ashenafi Ayenew Labor adaptation to agricultural risk and shocks in rural Mozambique Paper Slides
Makidul Islam Khan Impacts of climate change on the migratory and non-migratory farmers of the Padma River in Bangladesh and their response strategies Abstract Slides
Chris Gordon The Project on Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR), University of Ghana   Slides
Kwasi Appeaning-Addo The Project on Deltas, Vulnerability, and Climate Change (DECCMA), University of Ghana   Slides