Poster session - Growth and development policy – new data, new approaches, and new evidence

There will be special poster sessions in the afternoons of both conference days. Up to 25 posters will be presented per day in a suitable venue close to the conference deliberations and they will be displayed throughout the day. Authors are requested to illustrate their findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams, and a small amount of text.

During the special poster session, the author of the study being presented will stand in front of the poster. To start the poster session, a bell will ring. The author will give a 5-minute presentation to the assembled audience. An additional 2.5 minutes will be allocated for questions. After these 7.5 minutes, the bell will ring to mark the end of the presentation and the audience will be given 1 minute to move on to whichever poster they choose. The bell will ring again to mark a new round of presentations.

Presenters should be ready to present seven times during the session. Participants will in this way be able to engage with a broad selection of the research on display. Any remaining time will be allocated to informal discussions where conference participants will be able to circulate among the posters and ask further questions. Presenters are asked remain by their poster boards for the duration of their assigned poster session. Copies of the paper can be brought to distribute but will not be produced for you.

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Day one
1. Taku Fundira Bioenergy and development policy in Southern Africa (TRALAC, ODI) PDF  
2. Giles Henley Modelling growth scenarios for biofuels in South Africa’s transport sector PDF Paper 
3. William Stafford Biofuel technologies: a look forward PDF  
4. Graham von Maltitz Agronomic potential for biofuel production in southern Africa PDF  
5. Graham von Maltitz Biofuels production models for the Southern African region PDF  
Climate change
6. Tara Caetano Energy system and economy-wide implications of a rapid transition to decarbonised energy in South Africa PDF  
7. James Cullis Biophysical modelling in support of an assessment of the potential economic impacts of climate change in South Africa PDF Paper 
8. Faaiqa Hartley The potential economic impacts of climate change in South Africa: A probabilistic assessment PDF Paper 
9. Bruno Merven The development of a linked modelling framework for analysing socioeconomic impacts of energy and climate policies in South Africa PDF Paper 
10. Shannon Bold Identifying a Taylor rule with unemployment in South Africa PDF  
11. Lucky Pane Determinants of corporate investment in South Africa: The role of firm-level interest rates    
12. Elizabeth Gavin The South African revenue service and national treasury firm-level panel: firm-level data compiled from tax and customs administrative records PDF Paper 
13. Carol Newman Resource misallocation and total factor productivity: manufacturing firms in South Africa PDF  
14. Duncan Pieterse Total factor productivity in South African manufacturing firms PDF Paper 
16. Gibson Chigumira The Expansion of regional supermarkets chains, changing models of retailing and the implications for local supplier capabilities: a case of Zimbabwe PDF  
17. Reena das Nair The internationalisation of supermarkets and the nature of competitive rivalry in retailing in southern Africa PDF Paper 
18. Mwanda Phiri The Expansion of regional supermarket chains: implications for local suppliers in Zambia PDF  
19. Thando Vilakazi Causes of high road freight costs in southern Africa for perishables and commodities PDF  
20. Francis Ziba Implications on suppliers of the spread of supermarkets in southern Africa PDF  
21. Rob Davies Structural Change in South Africa, 1993-2013 PDF  
22. Sherwin Gabriel Productivity Backcasting    
23. Dirk van Seventer A 2012 SAM for South Africa & mini SAMs 1993-2013 PDF Paper 
Day two
24. Joel das Neves Tembe Opportunities and constraints for biofuel Production in Mozambique PDF  
25. Sherwin Gabriel Output and employment multiplier effects in southern Africa    
26. Paul Samboko Bioenergy production in Zambia: potential supply given biophysical and social constraints PDF  
27. Dirk van Seventer Economic impacts of developing a biofuel industry in Mozambique PDF  
28. Faaiqa Hartley Economy-wide implications of biofuel production in Zambia PDF  
29. Carli Bezuidenhout Labour demand and wage distribution: the case of South African manufacturing exporters PDF  
30. Shannon Bold Worker embodied technologies and mobility PDF  
31. Carolyn Chisadza Firm characteristics and youth employment PDF  
32. Amina Ebrahim The effects of the employment tax incentive on firm employment PDF Paper
33. Andrew Kerr Job and worker flows in South Africa PDF Paper 
34. Kezia Lilenstein Firm-level determinants of earnings in the formal sector of the South African labour market PDF  
35. Itumeleng Makgetla Effects of the employment tax incentive: a research proposal PDF  
36. Manqoba Ntshakala The information content of the yield spread about future inflation in South Africa PDF  
37. Lucky Pane Macroeconomic drivers of investment in South Africa: the role of the exchange rate and its volatility    
38. Andre Steenkamp Firm level innovation PDF  
39. Mulalo Mamburu Defining high growth firms in South Africa PDF  
40. Nonso Obikili Markups and concentration in South African manufacturing: An analysis with administrative data PDF Paper 
41. Olipa Zulu-Mbata The animal feed to poultry value chain in Zambia PDF  
42. Simon Roberts Regional value chains in SADC: The case of the animal feed to poultry value chain PDF  
43. Lauralyn Kaziboni Mining-related national systems of innovation in southern Africa: a regional perspective PDF Paper 
15. Trudi Hartzenberg National policies and regional integration in the South African Development Community PDF Paper 
44. Wian Boonzaier Kinks and thresholds in tax   Paper 
45. Marco Carreras Effective tax rates by sector in South Africa PDF  
46. Joel Seshabela An evaluation of interest limitations to counter base erosion in South Africa PDF  
47. Ludwig Wier Estimating profit shifting in South Africa using firm-level tax returns PDF  
48. Lawrenece Edwards Importing and manufacturing firm performance in South Africa PDF Paper 
49. Marianne Matthee Understanding manufactured exporters at the firm- level: new insights from SARS administrative data PDF Paper 
50. Aroop Chatterjee Estimating the impact of the employment tax incentive PDF