Poster session: Think development - Think WIDER

During the course of the last two work programmes, over 100 students have been part of our PhD programmes, utilizing the resources and facilities at UNU-WIDER for their PhD dissertation or thesis. Many have gone on to forge successful careers in academia, international organizations, policy circles and beyond.

For the poster session, we have invited previous participants to showcase their latest research. This will take place in the afternoon on 14 September between 15:45-16:30 in the lobby of the conference venue; the posters will also be displayed throughout the duration of the conference. 

During the poster session on 14 September, the author of each poster will stand by their poster and be available to answer questions and discuss their study. 

Presentations will be informal in nature, you are welcome to walk around and familiarize yourself with the topics being presented.

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Poster session
1 Agriculture, Climate Change and Natural Disasters
1A George Achaempong On the Nature and Evolution of Non-Farm Household Enterprises  
1B Bola Amoke Awotide Impact of Training Rural Households in Mali in Improved Vegetable Production Methods   
1C Thomas McDermott Flooded Cities  
1D Khalid Siddig Beyond mean rainfall and temperature changes: distributional effects of stochastic yield variability in the Sudan      
2 Community-Based Development, Child poverty and Conditional Cash Transfers
2A Bidisha Barooah Improving livelihoods through community-based development: An Evidence Gap Map  
2B Maria Quattri Poverty through the eyes of children – A qualitative study of child poverty in Mainland Tanzania  
2C Maria Quattri Child labour and education: a survey of slum settlements in Dhaka  
2D Juan Villa Poverty dynamics and graduation strategies of conditional cash transfers: a transition model for Mexico’s Oportunidades programme      
3 Gender, Migration and Income Mobility
3A Sowmya Dhanaraj Intimate Partner Violence and Economic Status of Women in India  
3B Susan Kavuma Determinants of Income Mobility in Uganda  
3C Carlos Villalobos Family background and migration opportunities. Evidence from Chile      
4 Fiscal policy, Growth and Trade
4A Daniel Chachu Investigating the 'fiscal resource curse': What’s China got to do with it?  
4B Margaryta Klymak Paying over the odds at the end of the fiscal year: Evidence from Ukraine  
4C Maria C. Lo Bue What’s behind pro-poor growth? An investigation of its drivers and dynamics      
5 Manufacturing, Corruption and Propert Rights
5A Anna Kochanova Does Cronyism Curtail Competition? Evidence from Indonesia  
5B Matti Ylönen Who’s to blame for the money drain? How the demise of analyses of corporate power helped to create the anti-corruption agenda   
5C Thanyaporn Chankrajang State-Community Property-Rights Sharing in Forests and Its Contributions to Environmental Outcomes: Evidence from Thailand’s Community Forestry