Presentations - Growth and development policy - new data, new approaches, and new evidence

Available presentation slides from the conference. Presentations are sorted by session.

Day one
Plenary – Policies for equitable growth: the South African economy
Duncan Pieterse Policies for equitable growth: New data and new approaches PDF
Parallel 1A – Insights from SARS administrative data
Carli Bezuidenhout and Marianne Matthee Labour demand and wage distribution: the case of South African manufacturing exporters PDF
Kezia Lilenstein and Francois Steenkamp Firm-level determinants of wages in the formal sector PDF
Carol Newman Resource misallocation and total factor productivity: manufacturing firms in South Africa PDF
Parallel 1B – Value chains 1: Routes to market in southern Africa: supermarkets and intraregional transport
Reena das Nair The internationalization of supermarkets and the nature of competitive rivalry in retailing in Southern Africa PDF
Francis Ziba and Mwanda Phiri The implications on suppliers of the spread of supermarkets in Southern Africa PDF
Thando Vilakazi The causes of high intra-regional road freight rates for food and commodities in Southern Africa PDF
Parallel 1C – Structural change 1993-2013
Dirk van Seventer Mini SAMs 1993-2013 PDF
Rob Davies South African economic structure: 1993-2013 PDF
Sherwin Gabriel Economy-wide estimates of technical advance: 1993-2013 PDF
Parallel 1D – Bioenergy 1: Policies, demand, resources, and technology
Taku Fundira Bioenergy and development policy in Southern Africa PDF
Bruno Merven Potential biofuel demand in South Africa’s transport sector PDF
Marne van der Merwe and Graham von Maltitz Agronomic potential for biofuel production in Southern Africa PDF
William Stafford Biofuel processing technologies: a look forward PDF
Day two
Plenary – Policies for equitable growth: the regional economy 
Reena das Nair and Channing Arndt Growth and Development Policy:New Data, New Approaches, and New Evidence – Part II: Southern Africa PDF
Parallel 2A – International finance and taxation
Jukka Pirttilä Illicit flows PDF
Ludwig Wier Estimating profit shifting in South Africa using firm-level tax returns PDF
Pieter van der Zwan An evaluation of interest limitations to counter base erosion in South Africa PDF
Parallel 2B – Value chains 2:  Regional value chains, competitiveness, and industrial policies: case studies of poultry and mining
Judith Fessehaie Regional integration and extractive industries: mining-related nation systems of innovation in Southern Africa PDF
Olipa Zulu The animal feed to poultry value chain in Zambia PDF
Phumzile Ncube and Simon Roberts Competitiveness, competition, and regional value chains in agro-processing: the development of poultry across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia PDF
Parallel 2C – Entering labour markets
Stewart Ngandu Firm characteristics and youth employment in the formal sector in South Africa: An assessment using new national income tax data PDF
Tumi Makgetla Becoming youthful: an evaluation of the South African employment tax incentive PDF
Amina Ebrahim and Murray Leibbrandt The effects of the employment tax incentive on firm employment PDF
Neil Rankin Estimating the impact of the employment tax incentive  
Parallel 2D – Bioenergy 2: Social and economic impacts Chair: Trudi Hartzenberg
Paul Samboko Bioenergy production in Zambia: Potential supply given biophysical and social constraints PDF
Emilio Tostão Social constraints to biofuel production in Mozambique  
Faaiqa Hartley and Dirk van Seventer Economy-wide implications biofuel production in Zambia and Mozambique  
Sherwin Gabriel Regional trade output and multiplier effects in Southern Africa PDF
Channing Arndt Synthesis