UNU Vendor Registration

Selected first-time contractors should complete and sign the vendor registration form to have their contact and banking details registered. Contracts can only be issued to registered Vendors.

Selected contractors will be requested to fill in the address where the original contract documents will be sent for signature. Also, the vendor’s international bank account details must be fully and accurately inserted to enable payments in due course. 

Individual contractors are required to submit the following supporting documents together with the completed Vendor Form:

An updated form needs to be submitted when any of the details in an earlier submitted vendor form change, or when the previous form has expired. Changes may include changes in the bank account connection itself but also name changes due to change in marital status, change of address as well as change of e-mail address. In other words, any change in the vendor’s detail leads to a new submission of the vendor form.The Vendor Form should be returned fully completed and signed. Please send the Vendor Form and supporting documents as scanned email attachments to your assigned UNU-WIDER Project Assistant, with a copy to vendors@wider.unu.edu.