Visiting PhD fellows research proposal presentations

PhD Fellows participating in the 2021 UNU-WIDER online programme, will briefly describe the research proposal they will develop over the next three months.

Monday 6 September (16:45-17:10)
Name Research Proposal 
Ndikumana Alain Does aid allocated to productive sectors cause growth of manufacturing sector in Africa?
Adilson Sampaio Anti-competitive Practices in Brazil: factors that potentially influence its occurrence on Electronic Biddings.
Martina Querejeta Impact of female peer composition on gender norms and skills formation in secondary school
Feyza Özdinç Poverty and economic behavior of economically disadvantaged people in Turkey
Tuesday 7 September (10:45-11:15)
Name Research Proposal 
Abdoul-Akim Wandaogo Does mobile money services adoption improve tax revenues mobilization in developing countries?
Tesfanesh Zekiwos Gichamo Gender Discrimination in the Ethiopian Labour Market: An Empirical Assessment
Susan Kamundia Equality in Maternal Health Care Utilisation and Levels of Neonatal Mortality in Kenya
Sévérin Tamwo Return migration and entrepreneurship: Evidence of Cameroon
Tanu Gupta Women’s Inheritance Rights and Time Use: Evidence from India