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Our project on the institutional legacies of violent conflict

UN Photo/Stuart Price
One of the most critical challenges in international development today is to understand how best to support peace, security, economic recovery, and legitimate political authority in fragile and conflict-affected countries. One and a half billion people live in countries affected by political instability and violent conflict. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the number of those affected was predicted to grow. The spread of the virus in areas with limited healthcare and...

Why do we see boom-and-bust growth in fragile and conflict-affected states?

One of the most pressing challenges in development policy is to bring about rapid, sustained, and inclusive growth in developing countries. Apart from a handful of countries in East Asia, very few developing countries have experienced prolonged periods of rapid economic growth and large declines in poverty. Most developing countries experience boom-and-bust growth, with periods of strong positive growth followed by periods of rapid declines in living standards or economic stagnation. If...

A world of protest

by Zachariah Mampilly
That we are living in an era of popular protest is undeniable. A quick survey of headlines from around the world — or better yet, your social media feed — reveals countless uprisings unfolding in real time. Farmers protest efforts to privatize their land in India, Argentinians march to provide women reproductive justice, citizens rise up against police brutality in Nigeria and the United States. The list goes on. Empirical evidence bears out the anecdotal. According to a...

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From PhD Fellow to President: (of Colpensiones, Colombia’s public pension and social security administrator) – Juan Villa

Four years ago, in 2014, Juan Villa spent three months at UNU-WIDER in our PhD Fellowship Programme...

Social protection Public policy UNU-WIDER PhD Fellowship
Research insights, new friends and meeting Stiglitz: Shreya Bhattacharya - 2018 PhD Fellow

In the fall of 2018 UNU-WIDER welcomed 11 doctoral students from around the world as part of our PhD Fellowship Programme ...

UNU-WIDER PhD Fellowship Ethnic inequality Caste
Progressive research with amazing people in a beautiful sauna-crazy country: Pui Yi Wong - 2018 PhD Fellow

In the fall of 2018 UNU-WIDER welcomed 11 doctoral students from around the world as part of our PhD Fellowship Programme ...

UNU-WIDER PhD Fellowship WIDER Seminar Series Culture
Solving the PhD puzzle: My experience as a visiting PhD Fellow

I am now in my fourth year as a PhD student in development studies at SOAS, University of London, working on my thesis, ‘The Dynamics of Chinese Private Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Ethiopia: A Comparison of Light Manufacturing Industry...

UNU-WIDER PhD Fellowship Capacity building
Building skills to influence policy at home and abroad: Learning and growing with UNU-WIDER

UNU-WIDER has featured prominently in my research career to date...

UNU-WIDER Summer School Capacity building
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