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Excel Stata User Guide Revision note
WIID3.3 WIID3.3 user guide.pdf WIID3.3 revision note.pdf

The current revision―WIID3.3―is an annual update of the third major revision of the database, WIID3. The data cover new countries, and nearly 2000 new observations have been added since WIID2.0. The current update includes observations for eight more years, with the latest observations now reaching the year 2013.

The database will be updated and notifications and details on the updates will be given on the website. Some minor corrections can be done without a change of the database version. Please cite this database version as UNU-WIDER, ‘World Income Inequality Database (WIID3c)’, September 2015,'

Please contact the database manager for any questions on the database. We also encourage comments on this revision and contributions of updated data points

Please note that we are still in the process of updating the Reference's list.

Countries or areas included
East Asia and Pacific 21
Europe and Central Asia 27
Latin America and Caribbean 29
Middle East and North Africa 10
South Asia 8
Sub-Saharan Africa 47
Gini coefficients 6854
Income distribution by any quantile share 3752
Time span
Before 1960 308
1960-1979 1424
1980-1989 1170
1990-1999 2074
2000-2012 2038
Quality ratings
1 where the underlying concepts are known 2837
2 survey or income concept partially known 1924
3 both income and consumption concepts are problematic 1845
4 not known 404