Author workshop on firms and taxation using micro data from Uganda

8-9 February 2023, online

This workshop brings together authors that were selected to produce research on firms and taxation using microdata from Uganda. In this workshop the authors discuss the first drafts of the research papers. The workshop takes place online.

Following the Request for research proposals, six proposals were selected. The selected researchers gained access to anonymized data in a secure research data laboratory located in the Uganda Revenue Authority premises in Kampala, Uganda. At this workshop, each researcher or group of researchers has the opportunity to present the first draft of their work to the organizing team at UNU-WIDER and to each other.

This initiative is part of the Building up efficient and fair tax systems – lessons based on administrative tax data project, which is part of UNU-WIDER's research and capacity development programme on domestic revenue mobilization (DRM), funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (Norad).