Authors’ workshop on Asian Transformation

Authors for the Volume II of the book published under the Asian Transformations project meet in Shanghai, China on 29-30 June 2018 to discuss the book's chapters final drafts.

During the past half a century, the Asian continent has witnessed a profound transformation, in terms of economic progress and living conditions, even if it has been uneven across countries and unequal among people. The story that has unfolded also suggests that the whole is different from the sum total of its constituent parts. Five decades ago, such change would have been thought of as imagination running wild. Yet today, the dramatic changes in Asia, and its transformed significance in the world economy, are striking in most dimensions. UNU-WIDER’s Asian transformations – An inquiry into the development of Nations project analyses the incredible story of economic development in Asia over the last 50 years, and reflects on how the next 25 years might unfold.

On 29-30 June 2018 authors meet to discuss final drafts of the volume's chapters. The second volume comprises three parts - the first part is used to set the stage before the play begins. The second part includes comparative cross-country thematic studies, while the third part consists of country-studies and sub-regional studies.

The collection edited by Deepak Nayyar aims to be a standard reference for those readers who are interested to study the history and future of economic transformation in Asia in more depth.

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