Inclusive development in Myanmar

3rd KoBo Toolbox training

As part of the project Towards Inclusive Development in Myanmar, a comprehensive Kobo Toolbox training was delivered for 23 staff members from the head office and regional offices the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar. This was a continuation of the KoBo Toolbox trainings delivered in March 2019 and November 2018.

The aim of the training was to refresh attendees’ ability to use the KoBo Toolbox software, which is a data collection tool used for computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI). The programme of the three day training included a practical introduction to the use of the software and applied exercises to strengthen the participants capacity to use the software when conducting the second wave of the Myanmar Enterprise Monitoring System (MEMS) quantitative survey in 2019. More precisely, the participants learned how to create a survey through XLSForm, how to deploy the survey and manage survey access and data, how to manage, view, and edit responses, and how to access the deployed surveys in the browser, both online and offline, save drafts, and submit responses.