Inclusive development in Myanmar

Training on report writing using the MSME dataset
Using the Myanmar Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Survey (MSME) Dataset, around 30 participants from the Central Statistical Organization of Myanmar will receive training on report writing.

Staff members, from regional and head offices of the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Myanmar will participate in a training, which aims to increase participants’ knowledge about writing a report using the MSME Dataset. It partly repeats the themes covered in the Analytical methods training course earlier this year.

The training will cover two main themes: how to do quantitative analysis and how to compile a literature review. The quantitative training will focus on methods for assessing data quality and analysing data using Stata software. Participants will also learn about Stata software characteristics and data management, as well as how to produce summary statistics, graphs, and regressions. The session on compiling a literature review will cover ways to find sources, evaluate their quality, and use them in a report.

During the training course participants will take part in group exercises and writing assignments, in addition to attending lectures.