This house blames western lenders for the plight of developing countries

Kunal Sen joins the Oxford Union debate series

Kunal Sen joins the Oxford Union debate series: This house blames western lenders for the plight of developing countries

On 3 November 2022, Kunal Sen attends the prestigious Oxford Union debate on the motion ‘This House Blames Western Lenders for the Plight of Developing Countries’.

According to the World Bank, the pandemic pushed the foreign debt of low-income countries to the highest levels in 50 years, with almost two-thirds of world economies reeling under the risk of debt distress. While foreign loans can be a catalyst for economic development, when borrowed under exploitative terms, it can also be a recipe for economic disaster. 

Are Western lenders merely responding to the calls of developing countries for loans, or actively pursuing neocolonialist economic policies? Should the blame be attributed to the failing economies of developing countries or is this very failure exacerbated by the self-interest of Western lenders? Finally, can the economic distress caused by debt be seen as the cause of the plight of the developing world?

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