WIDER Seminar Series

Osman Ouattara on temperature shocks and inflation - are there any ramifications?

WIDER Seminar Series

Osman Ouattara will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 04 March

Abstract - Temperature shocks and Inflation: are there any ramifications?

In this paper, we analyze the dynamic impact of climate change on inflation. We use a panel-VAR method with fixed-effects and a sample of developed and developing countries over the period 1961-2014. Our results suggest that increases in temperature lead to inflationary pressures.

Worryingly, and for developing countries in particular, we find that these effects persist several years after the initial shock. Our finding remained unaltered by various robustness checks. We explore the implications of these results.

About the speaker 

Osman Ouattara is a Senior Lecturer at the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester. Prior to this he held a position of Senior Lecturer in the Economics Department at the University of Swansea and a Research and Teaching Fellow position in the Economics Department at the University of Manchester.

He specializes in Development Economics and has published articles on aid effectiveness, climate change/natural disasters, growth/productivity, and institutions. 

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