Samwel J. Kabote and Jires Tunguhole on the determinants of clove exports in Zanzibar

Online seminar

Samwel J. Kabote and Jires Tunguhole on the determinants of clove exports in Zanzibar

Samwel J. Kabote and Jires Tunguhole give a presentation on 10 December at 10-11am (UTC+2) as part of the Sustainable development solutions for Tanzania – strengthening research to achieve SDGs project. The presentation is held as a webinar, in collaboration with UONGOZI Institute.

The event is chaired by Caroline Israel, UONGOZI Institute's Ag. Head of Research and Policy.

Abstract: Determinants of clove exports in Zanzibar – Implications for policy

This paper analyses factors for the declining trend in clove export in Zanzibar using time series data collected between 1980 and 2020 analysed using Vector Error Correction Model complemented with qualitative approach. Clove production, producer price, world price, Gross Domestic Product, and Exchange Rate showed positive statistically significant impact in a long-run at one percent level; while Foreign Direct Investment, population growth rate, rainfall and Gross Capital Formation showed significant negative association. Inflation had no impact.

Qualitatively, clove export was determined by: (i) factors that affected clove production because of poor extension services (ii) low and or fluctuation of the clove price; inferring that quantitative and qualitative results coincided. We can conclude that clove export was determined by many interlinked factors. Other factors affected clove export indirectly through clove production. We recommend an integrated policy approach that takes on board, comprehensively, all determining factors to improve and sustain clove export.

About the speakers

Samwel J. Kabote works with Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) as an Associate Professor of Development Studies in the Department of Development and Strategic Studies. He holds a PhD in Rural Development from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania; Masters of Development Studies from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences and Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania.

He also holds an International Diploma in Business Administration from Cambridge International College, Britain. Kabote teaches Monitoring and Evaluation; and Principles, Theories and Contemporary Issues of Development for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He also works as a consultant and has published widely in development issues. 

His research interests include: land and water resource governance, corruption, climate change, environment and development, livelihoods, gender, education and development, health and development; and other contemporary development issues. In terms of managerial experience, Kabote was the Head of Department of Development Studies at SUA from July 2017 to March 2019. He is currently the Principal of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities since March 2019. He has also worked with CARE International in Tanzania in implementing different development projects at different capacities. 

Jires Tunguhole is an Assistant Lecturer at Sokoine University of Agriculture, College of Economics and Business Studies, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. With over five years’ experience in research, Jires Tunguhole has worked as an Assistant Research Fellow at the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) in Dar es Salaam, and later as an Assistant Lecturer at Sokoine University of Agriculture.

As a Researcher and Assistant Lecturer at Sokoine University of Agriculture, his area of specialization include Resource Economics, Energy Economics, Health Economics, Econometrics, Agricultural Economics and Policy Analysis. His involvement in recent research projects include “Analyzing the Impact of Sugar Sweetened Beverages Tax on Non-Communicable Diseases Prevalence in Tanzania. Research Project under IDRC”, and “Study on School to Work Transition and Skills Mismatch in the Agricultural Labour Market in Tanzania. Research Project under International Institute for Tropical Agriculture”, for which he was co-investigator.

Jires Tunguhole holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Master’s Degree in Economics both from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.