Second training on VNMOD – a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Viet Nam

As part of the SOUTHMOD project, the country team at the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), together with Dr Toon Vanheukelom from KU Leuven, will deliver a training course for government officials, researchers, and other stakeholders on the use of the tax-benefit microsimulation model for Viet Nam, VNMOD.

The training course will provide participants basic knowledge of microsimulation models, particularly concentrating on VNMOD. In addition to providing an overview of the model, the course will include case studies and practical exercises. Attendees will learn how to navigate and interpret the VNMOD user interface, how to run VNMOD, and how to build and implement basic policy reform.

This is the second training event on VNMOD. The first training course was organized in November 2017.