Simone Schotte presents at GlaD conference

The labour market impact of COVID-19 lockdowns

Simone Schotte presents at the Third International Conference on Globalization and Development

The Research Training Group ‘Globalization and Development’ (GlaD) organises an international conference to be held from 5-6 July, 2021. Simone Schotte joins parallel B.2 Labour Markets to present a recent WIDER Working Paper co-authored with Michael Danquah, Robert Osei and Kunal Sen, ‘The labour market impact of COVID-19 lockdowns: Evidence from Ghana’. 

In this paper, the researchers provide causal evidence of the impact of stringent lockdown policies on labour market outcomes at both the extensive and intensive margins, using Ghana as a case study.

Using a difference-in-differences design, they find that the three-week lockdown had a large and significant immediate negative impact on employment in the treated districts, particularly among workers in informal self-employment.

The GlaD conference takes place across 5-6 July. Parallel session B.2 takes place on Monday 5 July at 14:00-15:30 (Germany UTC +2). 

More details on the conference website.