Do fragile and conflict-affected countries prioritize core government functions?

UNDP and Oxford Policy Management present findings from upcoming report
UNDP and Oxford Policy Management, in partnership with UNU-WIDER, will organize a public seminar on 5 June to present findings and discuss the forthcoming report: Do fragile and conflict-affected countries prioritize core government functions?

UNDP in collaboration with Oxford Policy Management have concluded a research project on whether (and how) prioritizing spending on core government functions (CGF) can lead to more successful transitions towards peace and development in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Understanding what is required to successfully support the development of institutional capacity within core government apparatus in contexts of fragility and conflict is a largely neglected area, and one which warrants further applied research drawing on case studies.

This research compared experiences of countries transitioning out of conflict and the level to which they invested in rebuilding CGF and found three conditions of particular importance to support peaceful transitions: (i) aligning donor and government priorities; (ii) continuously prioritizing CGFs over a sustained period, even in context of protracted crisis/fragility; and (iii) ensuring reforms are genuine and equitable. Moreover, the research argues that without a functioning government with an operational public administration, the aspiration of the 2030 Agenda, and the implementation and localization of SDG16 on peace, justice and strong institutions will not be realized. Strengthening core government functions to better manage and deliver public resources is a key strategy to keep people out of poverty, reduce social tensions, and avert conflicts.

Conducting fieldwork in Myanmar, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, and Colombia, the research unpacked the relationship between government effectiveness (through core government functionality), fragility, and stability in these vastly different transition contexts, and connected the prioritization of spending and reform on CGFs to more successful transitions towards peace and development.

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Mr. Jose Cruz-Osorio, UNDP, Team Leader, Core Government Functions, UNDP
Mr. Endre Stiansen, Oslo Governance Centre, Senior Advisor


Rachel Gisselquist, Senior Research Fellow, UNU-WIDER

14:00–14:15 Introduction: Rationale and Strategic Importance of Core Government Functionality
Mr. Jose Cruz-Osorio
14:15–14:35 Presentation: Do Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries Prioritize CGF?
14:35–14:50 Presentation of case studies: Myanmar and South Sudan
Endre Stiansen
14:50-15:00 Presentation: Finnish Priorities Regarding the Core Government Functions
15:00-15:55 Panel Discussion and Q&A
15.55-16:00 Closing remarks

The event is open to all, but we kindly ask you to pre-register here.

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