UNU-WIDER at IIPF Conference 2024

The 80th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, 21-23 August 2024, Prague, Czech Republic

UNU-WIDER at IIPF Conference 2024

An important contingent of UNU-WIDER tax data researchers will take part in the 80th Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance held at the Prague University of Economics and Business in Czech Republic on 21-23 August 2024. 

The theme of the IIPF conference 2024 is international tax sheltering and inequality. Both legal and illegal forms of sheltering create challenges for measuring inequality across individuals and across countries, because sheltering causes data from tax accounts and tax returns to differ from economic reality. Tax sheltering also hinders revenue mobilization in poorer countries, which exacerbates global inequalities. In part due to these concerns, the last two decades have seen growing policy attention to international tax sheltering. The 2024 congress aims to highlight current research on the magnitude and mechanisms of tax sheltering as well as its implications for inequality.

This year, 11 UNU-WIDER researchers present papers at the Congress. These papers form part of UNU-WIDER Domestic Resource Mobilization Programme

These papers are funded by the UNU-WIDER Southern Africa - Towards Inclusive Economic Development Programme.