UNU-WIDER at the World Village Festival

What kind of world would you like to see in 2030? Join us in the UN Village at the 2019 World Village Festival and you’ll have the opportunity to call decision makers to action and be part of a campaign for a more sustainable world.

This year the theme of the World Village Festival is climate change.

According to a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), by 2030 we need to have cut emissions by nearly half in order to limit global warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius. 2030 is also the target year for reaching all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Climate change and development go hand-in-hand — if we don’t limit the effects of global warming the effects will severely inhibit our ability to achieve any of the 17 SDGs.

We’re launching a campaign calling on you to share the actions you would like to see your decision makers take to tackle climate change. Share this message on Twitter using #deadline2030 and your statement will form part of an open letter sent to governments and decision makers, showing them what you care about, and telling them that they need to do!

In the UN Village you will find UNU-WIDER, UN Association of Finland, UN Technology and Innovation Lab (UNTIL), UN Women Finland, International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Join us to hear from UN agencies about the work they are doing to support progress on the SDGs and climate change — and to find out how you can get involved.