Why is South African productivity so low?

This policy workshop is co-organized together with the National Treasury of South Africa, and the South African Reserve Bank
This policy workshop on 'Why is South African productivity so low?' is organized by UNU-WIDER together with the National Treasury of South Africa, and the South African Reserve Bank on 7 June 2016 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Productivity is essential to sustainable economic growth; indeed, it is the key determinant thereof. South Africa’s productivity has, by any metric, declined over the past 20 years.

This workshop on productivity is designed to inform policymakers and to encourage policy-relevant discussion using recent research, presented by experts in the field. Paul Schreyer, Deputy Chief Statistician of the OECD, will give the keynote address. The final session will focus on discussing potential solutions to the policy issues of low South African productivity.

The event is part of UNU-WIDER's Regional growth and development in Southern Africa project which aims to develop, in conjunction with important research/policy institutions in the region, regional growth and development initiatives that generate economic transformation and widely shared development benefits.

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Welcome and introduction Rashad Cassim, South African Reserve Bank

Productivity growth in SA and other EMs

Channing Arndt, UNU-WIDER

Trade and productivity

 Marianne Matthee, North-West University

Competition and productivity

Nicola Viegi, Economic Research Southern Africa ERSA, and Nonso Obikili, Economic Research Southern Africa ERSA

Firm-level/aggregate productivity trends    

Lawrence Edwards, University of Cape Town

Productivity developments in the OECD area Paul Schreyer, OECD
Proposed policy solutions to boost SA productivity   TBC