Dilip Mookherjee

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Dilip Mookherjee is Professor of Economics and Director, Institute for Economic Development at Boston University. He received his PhD from the London School of Economics in 1982, and has previously taught at Stanford University and the Indian Statistical Institute. His research interests include development economics, contract and organization theory. Most of his work on development economics focuses on Bangladesh, India, Nepal and China, on topics such as agricultural development; financial inclusion, supply chain intermediaries, entrepreneurship, and governance.

He serves on the Council of the Econometric Society and the Asian Regional Standing Committee, on research management committees of the International Growth Centre and Economic Development and Institutions network. He is co-editor of Theoretical Economics and the blog Ideas For India, and an associate editor at the Journal of Development Economics.

A UNU-WIDER Non-Resident Research Fellow, Professor Mookherjee is supporting the delivery of the Institute’s project Capable states – building the foundations for achieving SDGs. Specifically, he is contributing to the research outputs under the project’s sub-component, Clientelist Politics and Economic Development.