Gary S. Fields

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Gary S. Fields is the John P. Windmuller Professor of International and Comparative Labor and Professor of Economics at Cornell University. He has been an Ivy League teacher and professor for more than forty years. He teaches and conducts research in labour economics, development economics, and public policy in the university-wide department of economics, the ILR School, and the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs.

Fields has published more than 150 books and articles. His books include topics such as poverty, inequality, and development: Retirement, Pensions, and Social Security (with Olivia Mitchell), Distribution and Development: A New Look at the Developing World; Pathways out of Poverty (with Guy Pfeffermann), Bottom-Line Management, and Working Hard, Working Poor. In 2014 Fields received the IZA Prize in labour economics, the top award in the field.

He has held visiting professorships at the University of Nairobi (Kenya), Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia), University of Oxford (UK), University of Warwick (UK), London School of Economics (UK), the Paris School of Economics (France), Koç University (Turkey), and the Centre for Development Studies (India). Fields' research interests include economic development, global economy, international and comparative workplace studies, labour economics and labour market models, poverty and inequality, income mobility, wage differentials and inequality, leadership.

Professor Fields is involved in the UNU-WIDER project Transforming informal work and livelihoods, where he is managing and co-ordinating the overall implementation of the project.