Janneke Pieters

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Janneke Pieters is Assistant Professor in Development Economics at Wageningen University, and Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). Her research interests are primarily in the fields of labour economics and development economics, with a focus on labour markets and gender inequality. She has studied the determinants and consequences of female labour supply in developing countries, including the links between trade liberalization and women's labour market outcomes in Brazil, Indonesia, and India.

Since joining Wageningen University in 2014, she has also participated in studies on technology adoption by smallholder farmers in Kenya and Uganda. In addition, she works with the World Bank on the measurement of labour in agriculture, and on the implications of the new ICLS definitions of work and employment (according to which, production of goods primarily intended for own consumption is no longer considered employment) in several African countries.

Janneke Pieters is currently involved in UNU-WIDER’s research project Women's work – routes to economic and social empowerment. Along with Ashwini Deshpande, she co-organizes research outputs from the project and is co-editor of a forthcoming journal special issue.