Måns Söderbom

Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow

Måns Söderbom is a Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, School of Business, Economics and Law, at the University of Gothenburg. He is also a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), Department of Economics, University of Oxford, and a Fellow of the European Development Research Network. Prior to joining the faculty in Gothenburg in 2008, he was a Research Fellow at the CSAE for seven years.

His research has been published in international academic journals such as Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Development Economics, and the World Bank Economic Review, among others. He has also contributed to several books on economic development. Industrial development is his main area of interest, but he has also worked on civil conflict, labor markets, and schooling.

More information about his research and teaching can be obtained at www.soderbom.net. Söderbom's research interests include; industrial development, African economic development, firm performance, network mechanisms, skills and education, investment and R&D, as well as applied econometrics.