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This page documents cases where we believe our research and communication activities have had an impact on the wider world of development. UNU-WIDER aims not only to create high-quality policy relevant research, but also to ensure that this research is shared with those who set the course of development policy. Our three core audiences, researchers, international development agencies, and national decision-makers, all rely on accurate and timely information to get their job done. We aim to provide that information in as many forms as possible, through events, the press, videos, social media, and our publications.

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Media advisory: How can sustainable development be financed in the Global South? Experts from around the world gather in Oslo 6-8 September

How can profit shifting—a bane on development efforts in the Global South—be stopped? What is the potential of social benefit systems to deliver during crises? How are collaborations between researchers and tax authorities benefiting policymaking in...

UNU-WIDER releases major report on peace, decent work, and greater equality

UNU-WIDER’s 2019–2023 work programme has built a strong evidence base to support actions that contribute to more peaceful and effective states and more fair and sustainable societies. A synthesis report on the key findings of our work programme on...

UNU-WIDER shares findings at EADI/CEsA Conference in Lisbon
10 July 202313 July 2023
Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Rua do Quelhas 6, 1200-781, Lisboa, Portugal
Past event
Aid effectiveness in fragile states

UNU-WIDER researchers offer a seminar on aid effectiveness in fragile states to an audience of Swedish development officials and foreign officers. The seminar is organized by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

23 May 2023
Online, Sweden
Past event
Building connections that matter: UNU-WIDER Visiting PhD and Scholar programmes

Every year about 20 visitors come to Helsinki to find a new home at UNU-WIDER in our Visiting Scholars and PhD Fellowship programmes. Although their...

Along the PhD path: A change in environment for a new perspective

After two years of COVID-19 restrictions, I was thrilled to receive an acceptance letter to UNU-WIDER's Visiting PhD Fellowship Programme. Until this...

Press Release: New research reveals close to $1 trillion in profits shifted to tax havens

A new research paper published by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) shows the first global estimates of profits shifted to tax havens between 1975-2019. The study documents a remarkable increase in profit shifting, with close to $1 trillion or 40% of multinational profits shifted to tax havens in 2019. Globally, 10% of corporate tax revenues are lost as a result.

UNU-WIDER alum Nanak Kakwani releases a new book on poverty and inequality

Professor Nanak Kakwani is one of UNU-WIDER's first research fellows. Joining the institute in 1986, he is the author of the second WIDER Working Paper ever published. The first is Food, Economics, and Entitlements by UNU-WIDER founder and Nobel...

Call for Contributions: GlobalDev and UNU-WIDER Blog series on social mobility

In the last decades, globalization and technological advancements have improved the living standards of billions of people, and enabled many households to cross the poverty line. Nonetheless, these trends have also exacerbated inequalities around the...

New update of the World Income Inequality Database and WIID Companion — version 30 June 2022

The UNU-WIDER World Income Inequality Database ― widely known by its acronym WIID ― provides the most comprehensive set of income inequality statistics available. It presents detailed information on income inequality for developed, developing, and...

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UNU-WIDER experts and the WIDER Development Conference featured in the media

Kalle Hirvonen , Research Fellow at UNU-WIDER, was interviewed by YLE for a news article published on 10 March 2022 on the effects of the Ukraine war on global food security. ‘The war in Ukraine is causing a major supply shock to the world food...

MEDIA ADVISORY: International conference gathers conflict experts in Helsinki

Next week a high-level conference on peacebuilding and conflict brings more than 250 experts to Helsinki to discuss new research and current policy challenges in preventing and resolving conflicts and sustaining peace across the world. The two-day conference is organised by the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER).

Policy workshop
World Income Inequality Database project presents at the OECD's DAC Community of Practice on Poverty and Inequalities

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Community of Practice on Poverty and Inequalities (CoP-PI) hosts several thematic dialogues between researchers and practitioners on embedding...

25 March 2022
Online, United States
Past event
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