L2C Conference Presentations

24-25 June 2013 Helsinki, Finland

Parallel 1.1: L2C: Industrialization Experiences in Africa and Asia (I)

Sam Wangwe  Wangwe.pdf

Jacob C. Ng'ang'a  Nganga.pdf

Mulu Gebreeyesus  Gebreeyesus.pdf

Sophal Chan  Chan.pdf

Parallel 1.2: Exports, Learning and Industrialization (I)

John Rand  Rand.pdf

Wided Mattoussi  Mattoussi.pdf

Fatou Cisse  Cisse.pdf

Parallel 1.3: Industrialization and Growth

Gaaitzen J. de Vries  de Vries.pdf

Hossein Jalilian  Jalilian.pdf

Imed Drine  Drine.pdf

Parallel 1.4: State-Business Relationships

Dirk Willem te Velde  Willem te Velde.pdf

Lili Sisombat  Sisombat.pdf

Kunal Sen  Sen.pdf

Parallel 2.1: L2C: Industrialization Experiences in Africa and Asia (II)

Majda Seghir  Seghir.pdf

Nguyen Tue Anh  Nguyen.pdf

Charles Ackah  Ackah.pdf

Parallel 2.2: Can Africa Enter Global Markets?

Catherine Co  Co.pdf

Marco Sanfilippo  Sanfilippo.pdf

Sajal Lahiri  Lahiri.pdf

Parallel 2.3: Industrialization and the Macroeconomy

Chris Papageorgiou  Papageorgiou.pdf

Marguerite Duponchel  Duponchel.pdf

Chukwuma Agu  Agu.pdf

Daniel Poon  Poon.pdf

Parallel 2.4: Firm Capabilities: Does Management Matter? (I)

Tetsushi Sonobe  Sonobe.pdf

Francis Mulangu  Mulangu.pdf

Giacomo Zanello  Zanello.pdf

Parallel 3.1: The New Economic Geography: Industrial Clusters

Emma Howard  Howard.pdf

Mohamed Ayadi  Ayadi.pdf

Carol Newman  Newman.pdf

Louis Chete  Chete.pdf

Parallel 3.2: Foreign Direct Investment: Are There Spillovers?

Johansein Rutaihwa  Rutaihwa.pdf

Nicholas Okot  Okot.pdf

Francesco Prota  Prota.pdf

Parallel 3.3: Industrialization and Skills: Is Human Capital a Constraint?

Irmgard Nübler  Nubler.pdf

Theo Sparreboom  Sparreboom.pdf

Paul Kamau  Kamau.pdf

Charles Adjasi  Adjasi.pdf

Parallel 3.4: Industrial Policy for Africa: Why and How? (I)

Samantha Ashman and Susan Newman  Ashman_Newman.pdf

Norbert Lebale

Parallel 4.1: Exports, Learning and Industrialization (II)

Bethuel Kinuthia  Kinuthia.pdf

Carol Newman  Newman.pdf

Eyerusalem Siba  Siba.pdf

Parallel 4.2: Industrial Development and Infrastructure: How Large a Constraint?

Admasu Shiferaw  Shiferaw.pdf

Gordon Monday Bubou  Bubou.pdf

Abass Bello  Bello.pdf

Parallel 4.3: L2C: Industrialization Experiences in Africa and Asia (III)

Louis Chete  Chete.pdf

Isaac Shinyekwa  Shinyekwa.pdf

Antonio Cruz  Cruz.pdf

Parallel 4.4: State-Business Relations in Africa

Lindsay Whitfield Whitfield.pdf

John Page  Page.pdf

Dani Rodrik  Rodrik.pdf

Parallel 5.1: Exports, Learning and Industrialization (III)

Amadou Boly  Boly.pdf

Dorothy McCormick  McCormick.pdf

Dimitri Stoelinga  Stoelinga.pdf

Parallel 5.2: Sources of Structural Change

Ana I. Moreno-Monroy  Moreno-Monroy.pdf

Mina Baliamoune-Lutz  Baliamoune-Lutz.pdf

Ademola A. Adenle  Adenle.pdf

Parallel 5.3: Firm Capabilities: Does Management Matter? (II)

Nahee Kang  Kang.pdf

Go Shimada  Shimada.pdf

Cyrielle Auffray  Auffray.pdf

Parallel 5.4: Industrial Policy for Africa: Why and How? (II)

Hinh T. Dinh  Dinh.pdf

Isaac Marcelin  Marcelin.pdf

Akio Hosono  Hosono.pdf

Special session on the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme

Dirk Willem te Velde  te Velde.pdf

Nirosha Gaminiratne  Gaminiratne.pdf