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India’s elections and the economic impact of Modi’s first term

UNU-WIDER Director, Kunal Sen, has been providing an expert voice on the recent elections in India and providing research-based insights into the economic impacts, success and failures of Prime Minisiter Modi’s policies in his first term.

Prof. Sen was interviewed on the subject for The Briefing Room on BBC Radio 4 and The Conversation’s Anthill Podcast, and has written pieces for The Conversation UK and Asia Dialog.

The Briefing Room, Has Narendra Modi changed India? 23 May 2019
Anthill Podcast, India Tomorrow part 5: economic growth, inequality and jobs, 7 May, 2019

The Conversation UK, Narendra Modi’s performance on the Indian economy – five key policies assessed, 8 May 2019
Asia Dialog, India’s General Elections 2019: The potential electoral consequences of demonetisation, 30 April 2019