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Jornal da Comunidade covers CEEG seminar on factors of conflict in Mozambique

A study presented at the CEEG seminar on 9 February 2022 featured among the highlights of the Jornal de Comunidade of the University of Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) on 11 February 2022.

The paper by Félix Mambo, independent researcher, analyses the determinants of conflict in Mozambique during 2018–2021. The preliminary results of the study, which is still in progress, suggest that there is no direct link between socio-demographic factors, such as education and employment, and the conflicts in the northern and central parts of Mozambique. According to the author, the study aims to contribute to the identification of factors behind conflicts in Mozambique and thereby help in planning for measures to reduce related risks.

In its reportage on the study, Jornal da Comunidade highlighted the importance of such research in providing a better understanding of local challenges and in that way helping design better and more inclusive policies tailored to address local problems.

See the full reportage:

University of Eduardo Mondlane, Jornal da Comunidade nr 202, 11 February 2022, ‘Pesquisadores dissociam factores sócio-demográficos dos conflitos' (4:55-7:13; in Portuguese)