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The Stockholm Statement cautions against ‘Untenable Inequality’

The Chinese financial news portal Caixin reports on the principles being drawn in the Stockholm Statement. It reminds that while countries had made rapid strides in development, they have left inequalities in their wake.

Echoing the Stockholm Statement, the article also states that governments should make sure their development policies are socially and economically inclusive to all groups because unfettered markets have helped create 'untenable inequality and unsustainability'.

In that order of ideas, policymakers can no longer rely on traditional economics to promote growth and hope that the growth will trickle down to the poor.

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About the Stockholm Statement

On 16-17 September 2016 thirteen of the world's leading development economists met in Stockholm to review and assess the challenges faced by today’s economic policy makers.

They signed the Stockholm Statement, which summarizes what they see as the core principles for development policy-making going forward. In their view, Inequality within countries is threatening social cohesion and economic progress, and development needs to be seen in a broader perspective in order to achieve more equitable and sustainable results.