Caren Grown of the World Bank on gender equality and past work at UNU-WIDER

World Bank Senior Director Caren Grown spoke about women’s empowerment and the World Bank Group’s gender strategy at a discussion event on 28 October, organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

In her presentation, she mentioned how her past work with UNU-WIDER on donors' and multilateral agencies’ approach to gender has influenced her thinking about gender mainstreaming—a topic covered in her recent review article with Tony Addison and Finn Tarp. A focus on specific outcomes instead of processes, as suggested in this work, can be seen in the World Bank Group’s 2016-2023 gender strategy, which works towards equality, poverty reduction, and inclusive growth. 

Dr Grown has worked extensively with UNU-WIDER, leading the programme on aid effectiveness and gender equality in 2013-14, including the Institute’s Position Paper on the topic. Her continued work on these issues showcases the crucial role UNU-WIDER can play as a forum for knowledge sharing, discussion and debate. 

Access the special issue on aid for equality and development edited by Tony Addison, Caren Grown, and Finn Tarp.