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Professor Ronald Findlay, Author of 'Power and Plenty' at United Nations University — WIDER

It is a world of plenty: plenty of riches and plenty of hunger. What makes a country rich or poor? Would Asia have been the ‘developed world’ today if the Industrial Revolution had taken place there instead of in Europe? What role do politics and war play in a nation’s economic fortunes?

Ronald Findlay, Professor of Economics at Columbia University, addresses questions such as these and more when he delivers the UNU-WIDER Annual Lecture titled ‘The Trade-Development Nexus in Theory and History’ on 21 October, 15:00 - 17:00 at the Marina Congress Center, Katajanokanlaituri 6.

Professor Findlay has co-authored the widely acclaimed book, Power and PlentyTrade, War, and theWorld Economy in the Second Millennium.

“[A] splendidly ambitious new excellent reference book for anyone wanting a better understanding of economic developments in the last millennium.”
(Economist )

Findlay’s lecture will take a historical view of global trade over the last 1000 years and explore the links between international trade and economic development.

The lecture will be in English. To register for the lecture, send an email to:annuallecture(at) with your full name and contact details. Coffee will be served after the lecture.

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