Ricardo Santos reviews what is known on the Mozambican labour force

The Mozambican work force is still mostly rural, mostly working in agriculture and outside of the formal labour market. According to official statistics, the rural and urban labour markets differ a lot in Mozambique. In rural areas 90% of the labour force works in agriculture, while in urban areas only less than one-third work in this sector. In urban areas the sectoral scope is much more diverse, but, at the same time, unemployment is higher, especially for youth and women. These were the key insights of the review by Ricardo Santos, UNU-WIDER Research Fellow from the Inclusive Growth in Mozambique programme.

Santos reviewed the official statistics on the Mozambican labour force at the Workshop on Nexus of Housing and Labour Markets, 14 and 15 May 2018, in Maputo. The event was organized by Oxford Brookes University and ILO. It gathered together development practitioners and academics who presented research on housing conditions and labour market challenges in Mozambique.

Download Ricardo’s presentation.