The Estonian School of Diplomacy and The UN Association of Tampere visit UNU-WIDER

Photo: UNU-WIDERDuring May UNU-WIDER was pleased to welcome visitors from the Estonian School of Diplomacy and The UN Association of Tampere.

The Estonian School of Diplomacy visited UNU-WIDER as part of a study trip to Helsinki. The group included staff from various countries’ ministries — including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Education, and Ministry of Defence. Photo: UNU-WIDERThe visit gave the students an opportunity to learn about the research that is currently underway at UNU-WIDER and what the institute is focusing on in the new work progamme. The session included a presentation on the SOUTHMOD project which provides researchers and policy makers around the world with a microsimulation model to test and measure the potential impacts and outcomes of prospective tax and benefit policies.

A cohort of the UN Association of Finland also visited UNU-WIDER to hear more about our research, and to learn about working for a UN agency, the roles and responsibilities, and employment opportunities at UNU-WIDER. Photo: UNU-WIDERThe group was comprised of students enrolled at the University of Tampere in Political Science and International Relations, Development Studies and related courses.

If you would like to arrange a visit to UNU-WIDER contact Ruby Richardson.