UNU-WIDER alum Nanak Kakwani releases a new book on poverty and inequality

Professor Nanak Kakwani is one of UNU-WIDER's first research fellows. Joining the institute in 1986, he is the author of the second WIDER Working Paper ever published. The first is Food, Economics, and Entitlements by UNU-WIDER founder and Nobel Prize winning economist, Amartya Sen.

In September, the Journal of Income Distribution will launch a journal special issue dedicated to Nanak Kakwani's legacy, which recognizes the important contributions his work has made to the study of poverty, income inequality, and tax progressivity —especially his theoretical and methodological contributions to applied economics in these areas.

UNU-WIDER alum Professor Kakwani, with co-author Hyun H. Son, also has a new book with Oxford University Press. The volume, Economic Inequality and Poverty: Facts, Methods, and Policies, releases on 6 September 2022 and is now available for advance purchase. The book 'provides a comprehensive treatment of economic inequality and poverty, and provides a range of policy applications' according to OUP.