UNU-WIDER releases first Annual Report for 35-year anniversary

To celebrate 35 years of influencing development and practice, UNU-WIDER released its first Annual Report.

2020 marked the 35th anniversary of UNU-WIDER, 45 years since the establishment of the United Nations University (UNU), as well as 75 years of the UN. It also brought us a pandemic that has had an unprecedented impact around the world. 

The Annual Report reflects on the achievements of UNU-WIDER across its history, from humble beginnings, to engaging with a global network of researchers and policy makers. Looking back at 2020, it demonstrates the responsiveness of the Institute as it pivoted its research focus to the unfolding crisis of COVID-19 and the pressing concerns of the effects on development. 

Through its 35-year history, UNU-WIDER has been associated with some of the most advanced thinking in development economics. It has shown the ability to respond to the pressing development challenges of our times whether it be the causes of poverty and inequality, climate change, the roots of gender inequality, and the challenges of structural transformation for low-income countries. I am proud of how we were able to swiftly refocus our work to address the new development challenges of the pandemic, which has resulted in a range of important contributions that are highlighted in this report – Kunal Sen, Director UNU-WIDER

Read more in the UNU-WIDER Annual Report 2020


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