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Access to quality education as a key in responding to crises

The right to education is most at risk during emergencies but it is also the exact time when it is needed the most. 75 million school-aged children and youth are in desperate need of educational support, either in danger of, or already missing out on their education. Globally all local communities highlight the importance of education during times of crises, yet education appeals receive less than 2% of humanitarian funding.

This session discusses how delivery of education in emergencies needs to be transformed so it joins up governments, humanitarian actors and development efforts to deliver a more collaborative and rapid response to the educational needs of children and youth affected by crises. Experts in this panel will especially focus on how the refugee situation needs innovative educational solutions and why people on the move need rapid access to learning and why youth needs skills to get jobs.


Dean Brooks, Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies   Presentation | Video


Rana Ahmad, Iraq   Presentation | Video
Johanna Kurki, FCA Video
Aboubakar Moukadas-Noure, Minister of Education, Central African Republic   Presentation | Video

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