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Catastrophe: climate change, tropical storms, and the changing nature of risk

How is the nature of risk changing and how can we as researchers and practitioners best support adaptation?

This panel considers a diverse set of risks – including drought, flood, tropical storm, climate change, disease, and conflict. It explores both the changing nature of their impact and how best to adapt.

The studies presented – on climate change and how to adapt to the ‘new climate normal’, models of risk for sub-Saharan African populations during 2000-2015, and estimation of the impact of Typhoon Damrey on households in Vietnam – illustrate the diversity and significance of the challenges posed.


Ari Laaksonen, Finnish Meteorological Institute


Morten Broberg, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen Video
Peter Fisker, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen   Presentation | Video
Henrik Hansen, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen   Presentation | Video

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