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Crises and migration governance

When crises such as conflicts or natural disasters erupt, they affect non-citizens present in the country experiencing the crisis. Crises also influence and propel movements, within and across international borders, necessitating preparatory measures and responses to promote people’s resilience, leverage capacities, address needs, including those of non-citizens, and to promote these ends through coherent domestic and international migration governance frameworks.

During this session, panelists will discuss the ways in which IOM’s entry into the UN system has the capacity to promote migration governance as it relates to crises and in this context will discuss key IOM tools, including the Migration Crisis Operational Framework and the Migration Governance Framework. The State-led Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative, co-chaired by the Governments of the Philippines and the United States, which engaged in a broad and inclusive consultation process has also recently launched a set of Guidelines to improve protection of migrants in countries experiencing conflicts or natural disasters.


Jeff Crisp, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford


Michele Klein Solomon, MCIC IOM | Video
Sanjula Weerasinghe, MCIC IOM   Presentation | Video

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