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The jobs crisis: demographic dividend or burden?

The poor of the developing world need jobs and livelihoods that help them escape poverty. With young populations Africa and South Asia face rising frustration and potential instability unless economic development can deliver more and better opportunities.

While economic growth in much of Africa and South Asia has been robust over the last decade or more, it needs to generate more employment growth, especially in sectors that provide increasing wages and incomes. In turn, that needs a greater emphasis on the structural transformation of economies, within a framework of ‘green growth’.

This session considers how countries and their aid donor partners can help achieve more prosperity for all.


Jaakko Kangasniemi, Finnfund


Tony Addison, UNU-WIDER   Presentation
Sam Jones, University of Copenhagen   Presentation | Video
Carol Newman, Trinity College, Dublin   Presentation | Video
Andrew Sumner, King’s College London   Presentation | Video

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