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Natural resource management

Natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, are central to inclusive development. They provide a source of income, employment and, if used wisely, economic growth and rising prosperity. But renewable resources – forests, fisheries and soils – are too often denuded, and over-exploited beyond sustainable levels.

The extractive industries – mining and oil and gas – can be a source of rising prosperity and poverty reduction, but have too often been mismanaged, and in the worst cases have undermined inclusive development. The prices of oil, gas and metals have been hit hard by the end of the commodities ‘super-cycle’ and exporters are struggling to respond.

This session considers how best to manage natural resources for inclusive development, and how to best respond to commodity-price shocks.


Peter Quartey, University of Ghana


Ibi Ajayi, University of Ibadan, Nigeria   Presentation | Video
Wisdom Akpalu, UNU-WIDER   PresentationVideo
Alan Roe, UNU-WIDER   PresentationVideo
Jeemol Unni, IRMA India Video

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