Parallel session
Perspectives on sharing the Nile

A motto of the Nile Basin Initiative is: ’Shared Benefits, not Shared Water’. However, almost no broad based economic analysis has been undertaken to comprehensively explore regional benefits from the project. Instead, mottos notwithstanding, the dialog has tended to focus on water and agricultural production, which tend to be more zero sum.

This session provides an overview of the issues on the Nile from an international perspective, a downstream perspective and an upstream perspective. It concludes with an analysis of whether economic benefits from upstream development can be shared in a win-win fashion among the four eastern Nile Riparian nations: South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt.


Channing Arndt, UNU-WIDER


Kenneth Strzepek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Presentation | Video
Maria Vink, Stockholm International Water Institute   Presentation | Video

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