Parallel session
Political and economic transitions in flux – actors and institutions in conflict resolution

State fragility and conflicts are closely interlinked and constitute one of the greatest challenges for development – both economic, social and environmental. Transitioning out of fragility is persistent political work that typically involves renegotiating governance and its representativeness, including the nature of the political system and state-society relations.

Transitions are ostensibly being carried out by the established actors but opportunities arise also for new actors. Transitions occur simultaneously both in political and economic spheres which magnifies uncertainty and raises stakes at hand. Dynamics transcend the formal-informal dichotomy that often (mis)guides us.

So, how do we engage political and economic dynamics to have them work as positive drivers for change in transitions?

This session fosters exchange of experiences from the field of peacemaking on political and economic transitions. The panel is organised by CMI (Crisis Management Initiative), an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation.


Mirja Sipilä, MTV Media


Lual A. Deng, Ebony Center for Strategic Studies, South Sudan   Video
Jock Mendoza-Wilson, System Capital Management, Ukraine   Video
Yasar Qatarneh, Crisis Management Initiative   Video

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