Parallel session
Priorities for reform of the global economic system

This panel will focus on the institutional changes required globally and regionally to strengthen responses to the existing and future challenges which countries are likely to face in the medium to long run: the challenges of stagnation or recession, financial instability, global spread of disease, cyber-insecurities, migration – and of course, civil war, terrorism and natural and man-made disasters.

Shifts in thinking about the adequacy of neo-liberal policies in the light of soaring inequalities and uncontrolled financial influence will need to be brought in.

The purpose of this panel will be to explore priorities for strengthening or reforming existing global institutions to make them more capable for tackling these issues. Priorities must combine the urgency of need with the possibilities of building coalitions of support for change, taking account of the rising powers and the shifts in the global balance of economic power, political leadership and social media reactions to unemployment and inequalities.


Richard Jolly, IDS, University of Sussex


Jing Gu, IDS, University of Sussex   Presentation | Video
Inge Kaul, Hertie School of Governance, Germany   Presentation | Video
Rob Vos, FAO   Presentation | Video

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