Parallel session
Reforming global trade from a world of crisis

This panel will explore and debate the future of the global trading system in the wake of the setting aside of the Doha round, the rise of mega-regional trade agreements, and declining rates of growth.

The session will set the debate on the future of the global trading system in the context of other key global processes, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and Transforming our World Agenda, the Istanbul Programme of Action for Least Developed Countries, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and key global challenges such as health and migration.

The panel is designed not only to take stock of the current state of global trade governance but also to think through ways the system may be reformed and enhanced.


Rorden Wilkison, University of Sussex


Kristen Hopewell, University of Edinburgh   Presentation | Video
Fazil Ismail, University of Cape Town Video
Alan Winters, University of Sussex Video

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