Parallel session
Responding to economic shocks

The global economy has gone through considerable economic turbulence over the last decade, and the effects of the 2008-09 financial crisis are still being felt.

After the 2008-09 crisis, the emerging economies appeared to be robust, but more recently the emerging economies have mostly slowed down, and Brazil and South Africa have entered recession. Shocks in the global economy also have impacts on the low-income countries, making it more difficult to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

This session looks at what we have learned about managing economic crisis, the role of finance in crisis, and what can be done to avoid and manage the social impact of economic crisis.


Donald Mmari, REPOA, Tanzania


Laurence Harris, SOAS, University of London   Presentation | Video
Seppo Honkapohja, Bank of Finland   Presentation | Video
Andy McKay, University of Sussex   Presentation | Video
Andrés Solimano, CIGLOB, Chile   Presentation | Video

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