Parallel session
What can we learn from inclusive adaptation and recovery policies responding to the crisis?

In July 2020, Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) awarded funding to PEP for COVID-19 Responses for Equity (CORE), a new COVID-19 crisis recovery research initiative. Through this initiative, PEP is working with local researchers and government institutions to assess COVID-19 impacts and the effectiveness of current and potential policies in 11 developing countries across the globe, to identify a more effective and inclusive policy response to, and recovery from, the pandemic. 

In this special session, Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) will present the main research results for four countries (Argentina, Ecuador, Pakistan, and Benin) as general lessons that can guide inclusive response and recovery policies in other developing countries.


Session convened by PEP

Jane MariaraJane Mariara | Chair

Jane Kabubo-Mariara is the Executive Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy. Currently, she is a member of Central Bank of Kenya’s Monetary Policy Committee and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies Advisory Board, among others.  Her specialty research interests include the impact of climate change on agriculture and adaptation, environmental and natural resource economics, multidimensional poverty, child poverty and youth employment, and labour markets and income distribution.

Guillermo CrucesGuillermo Cruces | Presenter

Guillermo Cruces is the deputy director of the Center for Distributive, Labor and Social Studies at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. He is also a researcher at Argentina's National Scientific and Technical Research Council. His research is focused on labor economics, distributional analysis and social protection policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. He teaches at the graduate and undergraduate level at the Economics Department of the UNLP, and he is invited professor of labor economics at the Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina.

Vaqar AhmedVaqar Ahmed | Presenter

Vaqar Ahmed is a former civil servant and currently Joint Executive Director, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). Earlier, he has served UNDP,  World Bank Group, and Ministries of Finance, Planning and Commerce in Pakistan. He is also the honorary Research Fellow at Partnership for Economic Policy, Canada and continues to serve as a visiting faculty member and researcher in different international institutes, including the University of Laval in Canada, University of Le Havre in France, and National University of Ireland. He was the recipient of the 2015 Young Leaders Fellowship award by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Esther Ogouniyi AdimiEsther Ogouniyi Adimi | Presenter

Esther Ogouniyi Adimi is affiliated with LARDES at the University of Parakou in Benin and is involved in research on the performance of rural microenterprises and small farms with a focus on the professional integration of rural youth, vulnerability and gender. She has participated in several scientific conferences and published articles in national and international journals.