The Evolving New Global Environment for the Development Process

The discussions in this book offer an informative & compelling account of the recent changes in development & the main political & economic trends shaping the international environment. It focuses on the changing global scene & its impact on different dimensions of the development process - economic growth; commodity production & trade; resource management & human capital formation; labour markets & female employment; foreign investment; development assistance; & development studies. It also presents an analysis of the transformations in the former centrally planned economies of Eastern Europe & presents case studies on selected African economies, Finland & the East Asian economies.

Table of contents
  1. 1. Political Economy of the New Global Development Agenda in the 1990s and Beyond
    Mihaly Simai
  2. 2. Main Trends in the World Economy
    Sylvia Ostry
  3. 3. The Politics of Global Economic Changes and Challenges for Policy Makers
    George Vassilou
  4. 4. The Impact of the European Community on the Consolidation and Modernization of Central and Eastern Europe
    Tibor Palankai
  5. 5. The New Asian Drama
    Masaru Yoshitomi
  6. 6. Resource Mobilization and Sustainable Development
    Siddig A. Salih
  7. 7. Finland in the International Division of Labour
    Kimmo Kiljunen
  8. 8. The Potential Consequences of Demilitarization and the Issues of Conversion
    Mary Kaldor
  9. 9. The State of the Art in Development Studies and Paradigmatic Prospects
    Claude Auroi
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